Calls for Papers (CFP)

and Special Issues

Open Calls for Papers

JNT welcomes submissions of individual papers, as well as proposals for guest-edited special issues.

Every third issue of JNT is a special issue, which is edited by a guest editor and covers a specific topic relating to narrative. Read about our mission and what we publish here.

Information and instructions for guest editors can be found here.

Proposals for special issues can be sent to [email protected]. These proposals should offer a brief description of what the proposed special issue would look like and be about; information such as potential contributors and specific focuses within the scope of the topic the issue would seek to explore would also be be helpful. For reference, see the proposal for our special issue "Narratologies of Science".

Special Issues

Unnatural Structures, Space, and Time Loops, Vol 56.1 (2026, Forthcoming)

Unnatural Structures, Space, and Time Loops, Vol 55.3 (2025, Forthcoming)
Edited by Rossitsa Artemis

New Narrative Literacies, Vol 55.1 (2025, Forthcoming)
Edited by Jan Alber, Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar & Cecilia Thirlway

Narrative Theory and Children's Literature, Vol 54.3 (2024, Forthcoming)
Edited by Haifeng Hui

Narratologies of Science, Vol 53.1 (2023)
Edited by Daniel Newman

Socialist World Literature, Vol 52.3 (2022)
Edited by Yanil He and Daniel Pratt

New Narrative, Vol 51.3 (2021)
Edited by Robin Tremblay-McGaw and Rob Halpern

Refugee Literature, Vol. 50.3 (2020)
Edited By Hadji Bakara

Bodies/Objects/Agents, Vol. 49.3 (2019)
Edited by Holly Dugan and Melissa J. Jones

Women’s Experimental Forms, Vol. 48.3 (2018)
Edited by Rowena Kennedy-Epstein

Dis/enabling Narratives, Vol 47.3 (2016)
Edited by Essaka Joshua

Consensual Empires, Vol. 44.3 (2014)
Edited by Nataša Kovačević

Muriel Rukeyser, Vol. 43.3 (2013)
Edited by Elisabeth Däumer

Decolonizing Narrative Theory, Vol. 42.3 (2012)
Edited by Sue J. Kim

Popular Shakespeares: Modes, Media, Bodies, Vol. 41.3 (2011)
Edited by Ayanna Thompson

Non/Narrative, Vol. 41.1 (2011)
Edited by Carla Harryman

Narrating Cities, Vol. 39.3 (2009)
Edited by Adam Hansen

Realism in Retrospect Volume 2, Vol. 38.1 (2008)
Edited by Audrey Jaffe and Abby Coykendall

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